If you enjoy the the wind on your face and open sky before you, you have come to a good place to find the romance and flavor of the West.


Book 2 in the Cedar Ridge Chronicles series is now available.

BOOK DESCRIPTION: If a cowhand can’t ride, what can he do? 

Joe Storm can no longer ride a horse—and that hurts a lot more than his injured hip. Swallowing his pride, he takes a job as cook’s helper on a trail drive. There he meets the daughter of the owner of the trail herd. In spite of the opposition of her father, Sara befriends Joe.

When the herd is sold to a rancher in Colorado Joe wonders if there will be a place on the ranch for a man who can't ride. And he watches as Sara and her father head for California and out of his life.

Facing life without the woman he has come to love, Joe must also confront his past when his father, whom he hasn't seen in twelve years, arrives at the ranch. As Joe struggles to build a place for himself on the ranch, he longs to go to Sara in search of a happy forever. Only with the help of God and friends will Joe be able to achieve his dream.

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Valerie Massey Goree said...

Hi AJ. So happy you have another book published. Can't wait to read the rest of it.

Tonya said...

Dear Barbara - I so enjoyed visiting with you and learning more about your books. I look forward to starting a new series! My plan is to get my daughter "hooked" as well. I love knowing that she is going to be getting a good wholesome story to read! Thanks for spending time with me and sharing so much about your writings.

Anonymous said...

Would love to win a copy. Thank you for offering one.

Anonymous said...

Would love to win a copy of this book.
Thank you,

Unknown said...

I love a good cowboy western. Book sounds great. Please enter me in the giveaway. Thank you!
Barbara Thompson
barbmaci61(at)yahoo(dot)com 32

bonton said...

Thanks for the opportunity to win a copy of your book, Barbara!


Deborah M said...

Love a good cowboy/cowgirl story. I rode a horse for the first time in over thirty and loved it. Wish I was able to ride again all the time. Hope I win the book about Joe.
Deborah Malone
debbiejeanm at gmail dot com

Unknown said...

AJ! It's so nice to see you again. I remember this story and cannot wait to read it now that it's complete.

I hope you're doing well.

Anonymous said...

Thanks AJ for a chance to win this book of yours. It really sounds like one I would love. Love westerns. You are new to me so I don't have a book of yours yet. Please put my name in the drawing. Just maybe I will get lucky. MAXIE mac262(at)me(dot0com

Jodie Wolfe said...

Looks like a great read. Please enter me in the drawing.


Charlotte Kay said...

I am so happy that I have the chance to win this book! !!
Thank you so much!

Many Blessings and Smiles:)
Charlotte Kay

charlovesmark at gmail dot com

A J Hawke said...

Congratulations to
Digging for Pearls Chosen
by Random.org as the winner


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