If you enjoy the the wind on your face and open sky before you, you have come to a good place to find the romance and flavor of the West.

A J Hawke - Cabin On Pinto Creek

I'm excited to announce the publication of my novel, Cabin on Pinto Creek. It is available on Amazon/Kindle. What a neat feeling to go to Amazon.com and actually see my work available.

Book Description:

Elisha Evans is out of luck. By the age of twenty-five, he’d planned to have his own ranch. Instead, a series of losses forces him to beg for a job at an isolated mountain ranch. The loss of his parents at a young age has left Elisha longing for a place of his own and a family to provide for and to protect. But betrayal and loss have left him fearful that he will never attain his dreams. The only job he is offered is the line rider out of the isolated cabin on Pinto Creek. As he hunts for cattle alone in the high Colorado Rockies, he finds a broken-down wagon in the snow with an old preacher and his granddaughter, Susana, stranded inside. Elisha manages to bring them to the cabin just ahead of the winter snows that blocks the way out of the valley.

The old man’s dying wish is that Elisha should marry his granddaughter. The old man knows that the two young people will be snow bound for the next five months and the grandfather wants to spiritually protect his granddaughter by leaving her married. Elisha wrestles with the dilemma of consenting to a marriage he did not plan. He understands the reasoning of the old man. Although he does not know much about God, he respects what this grandfather is trying to do for his granddaughter. Is he man enough to take on the responsibility? But will marriage to a stranger change his life for better or worse?

Only sixteen, Susana Jamison has no choice but to marry this stranger, although he is an unbeliever. Faced with the brutal conditions of frontier living and the dangers she encounters alongside her new husband, she is challenged to the limit of her strength, hope, and faith. Can she hold on to her faith in the midst of this desperate situation? An inspirational historical Western romance, Cabin On Pinto is the first in the Cedar Ridge Chronicles.

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