If you enjoy the the wind on your face and open sky before you, you have come to a good place to find the romance and flavor of the West.


Ozark Weddings: The Hills Are Alive with the Ring of Romance (Romancing America), 3 books in 1 by Anita Higman and Janice Thompson from Barbour Publishing.
I’m usually disappointed in at least one story in a 3 in 1, so I read Larkspur Dreams wondering if this was the one that would disappoint. But, not so. I thoroughly enjoyed Larkspur Dreams. It was a fun, kept-my-attention read. Very satisfactory.

Now on to the second, The Love Song . Again, good settings, good characters, a good read.

All right, so it’s the third one that will disappoint. But, again, not so. Castle In The Air was a very satisfactory read. The setting and characters were particularly intriguing. Maybe my favorite of the three, or, no maybe it was Larkspur Dreams that was my favorite? Although The Love Song tugged at my heartstrings. Oh, just read them all.

So I have to recommend Ozark Weddings by Anita Higman and Janice Thompson. I found the writing well done. The settings built a story world. The characters especially believable. Filled with humor, quirkiness, and romance, I enjoyed spending a hot summer afternoon reading Ozark Weddings.

“Take a journey into the Ozarks where romance disrupts the lives of three women. Larkspur Wendell’s new neighbor Everett Holden is more interested in his computer than communication. Will Larkspur’s zest for life draw the reclusive Everett out of his shell or drive him in deeper? The vulnerability of Clair O’Neal attracts the attention of two different men. Can she trust their interest or their motives? Nori Kelly’s biological clock is ticking loud and clear. But she’s also a successful entrepreneur. So why does she only attract nerds like Zachary Martin? Will God move mountains to bring hearts together?” Barbour Publishing web page

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