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Cornmeal - Useful But Under Appreciated

Cornmeal – a plain, common food without any particular grace about it. It was cheap and easily accessible. It needs no refrigeration and if kept dry is usable for months. One benefit over flour was anyone could grind the cornmeal. Women have been grinding corn for their families for thousands of years. We don’t have to grind our own cornmeal but can get good whole grain or stone ground cornmeal at any grocery store. Arrowhead Mills, King Arthur and Hodgson Mill are some brands that make whole grain cornmeal. If you have any recipes using cornmeal that you would like to share, feel free!

One of the staples of the pioneers and many a child grew up with cornmeal mush as a normal breakfast food. Try the recipe below and imagine what it was like to live on the frontier.

Take boiling water about 1 qt. with salt, stir in your meal 1 1/2 cups until it gets thick like you want it, about like cream of wheat. Serve in sweet milk, or slice and fry until brown. Or use your mush like breakfast food with cream and sugar. Just guess how much you want as to how many would like it.

Another common food was corn bread and served with beans makes a full meal. It also makes for a complete protein when served together. My favorite way to bake cornbread is to preheat an iron skillet with a couple of tablespoons of shortening, pour the cornbread mixture into the hot skillet.
Sift all corn meal to take out bran. Make the amount according to your pan [about 2 cups for 8x8x2 inch pan].
salt 1/2 tsp.soda 1 tsp.
sugar 2 Tbs.egg 1buttermilk, about 1 cup or until a firm, but consistency to pour (you can also use milk)a little shortening 3 Tbs., melted
Mix all together. Bake in a warm oven (375°) till brown. Serve while hot. Serves 6.

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